The conference is conducted on Zoom and on campus: Universiteto g. 5 and 3, Vilnius Please note that the time of the programme is Lithuanian!

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Pre-conference event. Film screening  My Favorite War

(An active link will be provided for you to watch the film in the period from 30.07 until 05.08) 

The conference is conducted on Zoom and on campus: Universiteto g. 3 and 5, Vilnius

You will be sent a link to the zoom meeting (valid for all events) shortly before the conference.

Tuesday 3 August

10.30-11.00    Conference opening *  Aula Parva, Central building, Universtieto g. 3

11.00- 12.00    Keynote lecture Prof. Janet Garton: IASS historie – en personlig fortelling (chair: Ieva Steponavičiūtė) *  Aula Parva, Universiteto g. 3

12.00-13.00      Lunch break * Writers’ Hall, Domus Philologiae, Universiteto g. 5

13.00-15.00     Paper sessions 1-8 * Ground and first floor rooms, Domus Philologiae, Universtieto g. 5

15.00-15.30   Coffee break * Writers’ Hall

15.30-16.30     Keynote lecture Prof. Ulf Olsson: The Art of Self-Defense: Literature at a Moment of Danger (chair: Erika Sausverde) * Vincas Krėvės aud., Domus Philologiae, Universteto g. 5

19.00-20.00 Reception for the arriving participants at Live Square Terrace, Gedimino pr. 44a, entrance from the inside yard, next to Restaurant Pink & Yellow.

Wednesday 4 August 

10.00-12.00     Paper sessions 9-15  * Ground and first floor rooms, Domus Philologiae

12.00-12.30   Coffee break * Writers’ Hall

12.30-13.30     Keynote lecture Prof. Unni Langås: Familier, forbrytelser, perversiteter. Krigsminner i nordiske samtidsromaner (chair: Rima Rudienė) * Vincas Krėvės aud.

13.30-14.30   Lunch break * Writers’ Hall

14.30-16.30     Paper sessions 16-23 * Ground and first floor rooms, Domus Philologiae

18.00-19.30     Auteur Evening Sjón (Iceland) and Ilze Burkovska Jacobsen (Norway). Moderators: Anna Estera Mrozewicz & Ieva Steponavičiūtė * Aula Parva, Central building

Thursday 5 August

10.00-11.00     Keynote lecture Prof. Jürg Glauser: Memory and the Medieval North: An overview and some case studies (chair: Auksė Beatričė Katarskytė) * Vincas Krėvės aud.

11.00-11.30 Coffee at Writers’ Hall

Pre-recorded Keynote lecture Prof. Marija Drėmaitė: Symbolic Geographies. Nordic Inspirations. Baltic Identities . Evt. questions can be send to, Marija will later answer them by email.

12.15-19.00/20.45     Conference tour. The train for Kaunas leaves at 12:45

Friday, 6 August

10.00- 12.00    Paper sessions 24-30 * Ground and first floor rooms, Domus Philologiae

12.00-13.00    Lunch break * Writers’ Hall

13.00-14.00     Keynote lecture Prof. Karin Kukkonen: Memory and Mind-Wandering in the Attention Economy: Cases from Contemporary Scandinavian Fiction (Chair: Mikael Schultz Rasmussen) * Vincas Krėvės aud.

14.00-14.30   Coffee break * Writers’ Hall

14.30-15.30     General Assembly of the IASS and the Closing of the conference * Vincas Krėvės aud.

Note: It is our tradition to remember during the Assembly our members and other Scandinavianists who passed away since the last IASS conference. Please inform us in advance if you have such sad news and want the name to be included.