If your publisher would like to send copies for the Conference Book Stand and links for purchasing, please contact elzbieta.kmitaite@flf.vu.lt

Our partners’ catalogues and books available for shopping online can be found here:

You can get a 20% conference discount for DE GRUYTER books HERE. The discount will be valid up to 6 weeks after the conference ends. Participants placing an order should mention the name of the conference in the form.

You can buy Narr Francke Attempto books HERE.

You can find Theatralia Journal HERE and open access to the digital version HERE.


Norvik Press are pleased to inform IASS delegates that our journal, Scandinavica, is now available open access online HERE. Recent articles and reviews relevant to this year’s conference theme cover an edited collection of interdisciplinary approaches to pre-modern Nordic memory studies, a volume on the poetics of commemoration applied to Skaldic verse and social memory, and a discussion of the public process of collective remembering. Back-issues further down memory lane are currently being digitised.

Reading lists

For delegates planning reading lists for forthcoming academic semesters, we are delighted to announce Norvik Press’s new online home HERE. This one-stop-shop for literature in translation and academic writing is searchable by original language, translator and author/editor.